2 Website Ranking Tools Every Blogger Needs


It allows you to analyze in dept details about the visitors on your website. These details can shape the success of your business for online marketing. It shows you what they are doing, what page they click and from what form they submitted it.

It also tracks all the data using a unique tracking code that you install in your website. With it you chart the viewers that visit the pages in your website. It gives you incite on how users find and use your website.

Follow this link to learn how to install Google Analytics.


Search Console offers you tools and reports that will help you measure your traffic. It gives you data and diagnostics to help you have a healthy site, fix technical bugs and help your business to grow. But most importantly it helps improve your website ranking in Google.

So, you need your website to be connect to Google Search Console. This way you can check your index status improve your google ranking.

The platform is provided by Google for free. But in order to understand it, there is a learning curve, You need to know how to use it and how it works.

So, go ahead and follow this link and learn how to install Google Search Console…

They are like fraternal twins. They are both needed to create a lucrative business online. One helps you prepare your website for visitors. Te other shows who is visiting and where they're from.

Their Dad,– “Google” must be very happy!

Reader Friendly Writing

It’s important to remember, when someone visits your blog, they have certain expectations. They are giving you their time. But they expect something in return.

Your Reader Expects an Even Exchange

They expect the information you present to be meaningful and have some type of contribution to their life. It also has to be enjoyable. If not, they will not spend their time in your blog. — It’s really that simple.

So, how do you make your blog more than equal to their time?

First, it goes without saying that you have to have good meaningful content. You want to offer real substance. Depending upon your niche, you want to give them real value. In fact, you should always aim to over-deliver in value.

But there is so much more you can do to retain your visitors.

Making your site comfortable for Your Reader

When they come to your site, you want them to stay around for a while. This means you have to make them comfortable. How do you do this?

We live in a digitized computerized world. Everything is quick. Everything is immediate. People want instant access, immediate results, quick answers and instant gratification.

This is the mindset of most web-surfers on the internet. If they could, they would be perfectly happy to download the information in your blog to their brains. So, as you might imagine, the last thing they want to do is to have to read a time-consuming boring page of print.

Instead, what attracts them is a little bit of avisual variety and stimulation.

Break up your page with pictures.

Make sure you have pictures or illustrations. These should always be in harmony with what you are discussing in the blog. In fact, the pictures should support, enhance and explain what you are discussing.

Break Up Your Sentences

Check through your blog post for run-on sentences. Sometimes, we may have sentences that are just way too long. You may have sentences that can be split into to separate statements.

It’s better to have two or three short sentences than to have one long run-on sentence.

If the sentences are too long, it will confuse and tire out the reader. So keep your sentences short.

Keep your paragraphs short

Along with shorter sentences, you need to have shorter paragraphs. No more than three to four sentences in a paragraph.

Why is the paragraph length so important?

First— Keeping the paragraphs short will keep things moving. It at least gives the impression that the reader is reading more and covering more material.

Second— It keeps from becoming visibly overwhelming.

Think Mobile When You Write


Then too, much of your traffic will be viewing your site by mobile phone. What looks okay on a desktop, while you’re blogging, may look overwhelming on a smartphone screen.

What looks like just a couple of long sentences can completely fill a cell phone screen and scare away your visitor. So keeping in mind the various screen sizes of your visitor, will remind you to keep it short.

As you can see, word press is my choice and it is the exclusive frame I use to build all my websites now. I want to show you how you can get your very own word press website and how to build a website in the next 5 minutes or so.

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The Compound Princple

When you look around at different blogs, you'll notice that some seem to thrive and have a lot of visitors. You can see that they're obviously making a very good income.

So, you may ask yourself, “What makes them so successful?” Why are they able to have such a constant flow of traffic, while the rest of us seem to struggle?

The King, the Sage and the grains of rice

The answer to that is in a very old and simple story. It's about a King in India who challenged a very wise sage to a chess match. To give the sage extra motivation, he let him request what he would want the King to grant him if he wins.

The sage humbly requested that, if he wins, he would like one grain of rice doubled for each square of the chessboard.

The King thought that this would be nothing at all to give the sage if he won. So, he agreed.

Well as the story goes the sage won the chess game. The king, being the loser, had to keep his word and had some bags of rice brought in. But to his dismay, when they did the math, they found that starting on the first corner square, one grain of rice doubled for each square. So they put 1 grain on the first, 2 on the second, 4 on the third, 8 on the fourth, 16 on the 5th.

By the time they got to the last square– the 64th square, the King owed the Sage 18,000,000,000,000,000,000 grains of rice. That's 210 billion tons of rice.

According to one version of this story, the Sage agreed the king could pay him over a period of years. And he became a very wealthy man.

The Compounding Principle

Now the reason why I told you this story was to illustrate the power of the compounding effect. This is well illustrated in math. It's true, not much profit was seen on the first few squares. Even by square 10 he had only 512 grains but due to this compounding effect, at a certain point it shot up!

By square 20 the king owed 1,000,000 grains and by square 40 he owed 1 billion grains!!!

The Secret to Your Success

It is the same with consistent habitual efforts we make in blogging. You won't see the results at first. The increase in rank in the search engines and the increase in traffic will be small. But this is all having a compounding effect.

The secret is being consistent and regular in your blogging routine. Over a period of time you will see results.

Are you Putting Enough Fueil in Your Business

Are you putting enough Fuel n your Business or are you simply hanging out at the gas pump?

Is Social Media for everyone? Is it for you?

In this post we will be analyzing the pros and cons of Social Media.

If you are simply engaging in a conversation, and not building quality content for your business or website, you are basically hanging out at the pump.

In order to see whether, you are being benefited, or just wasting time, make a list of your Social Network and ask yourself if you are engaging in Business, or just hanging out. If you want to use it for Business, then there are a few questions you need to ask.

Is it to gain traffic to my website? Is it to offer customer service, or to increase brand presence? “When” am I using it? What time of Day? And for How long? It is recommended no more than 15 minutes at least 3 times a day. And you will be answering comments on your blog , getting back to comment on your site or handling private questions and answering your email.

Then figure which Social Network you want to put in “share only” mode. This is important because share only mode, requires you only to share things that don't require a response. — Like pictures or quotes. So you can move on to building Content.

Don't Spam or desperately follow other's hoping they will follow you back. Don't let Socializing supersede your “Creation”. Social engaging is the key to Social marketing. You need to understand the when, how, and why you are using Social Media. And ask yourself, “Will it benefit my business? Is it to offer customer service? Am I using it to brand myself?… To gain followers?… to increase traffic to my site?…. or simply to engage.


4 Core Steps to Create a Successful Online Business.

  1. The Foundation: Your Website.
  2. Content: quality and helpful content. What you will be writing about. “Your Niche”
  3. Rank: That's were Google comes in. If you have quality content you will be ranked by Google.
  4. Money: The quality of your content has to captivate your audience.

Keep it Simple and Work hard. Success will happen.

There is More to Twitter Than Just a Tweet

I've been studying how to use Twitter. Especially in relation to my business.I did the lesson on Twitter. I followed the directions in my lesson, created my Twitter account and even posted a few posts.  But I found that so much more is involved.

ENGAGING on Twitter

I read this other article. It says, if you are not a participant, and not regular, people will not participate, or care what you say. They won't take you seriously.

You have to engage in the discussion within Twitter. You have to be a participant.

The key term is Engagement.  Being active within the Twitter community is critical.  You must join in the conversation.

Check the trends map to see what is trending and give your opinion on the matter. Use the Trend Map regularly. In that way, you don't have to come up with a post everyday. Tweet each day, at the same time, use keywords that get searched for.  This can lead to more exposure.

But at the same time be active.  But most importantly, be upbeat and positive.

Tweet all your articles that you write to twitter.  Not all at once, but in increments.  Tweet about stuff other than your article.

Small Business vs Large Business

Big Business is knocking “Mom and Pop Shops” out of the box

If you’re in business, a blog is an indispensable part of your online presence.  The larger companies already know this.  That’s why you will find few, if any, that do not have blogs.

Today, small companies are being knocked out of the box by big businesses that can afford the best in advertisement. And since they can get price brakes for larger amounts of inventory, they can offer goods at a price lower than local shops can.

But, if a blog is used correctly, it can help level the playing field.  It can even give the small “mom and pop” shop the competitive advantage.

Now, I’m going to make up a situation for the sake of illustration…

Let’s imagine there is a small bookstore in a place called Tinyville USA.  For years, this bookstore was the main place in town everyone would visit to buy their new books.

But today, they have quite a dilemma. Now, almost everyone orders their books online through Amazon.  What can this small bookstore do to compete against a giant like Amazon.

Small fish vs whale

Amazon has overnight delivery.  Amazon has a large variety of all kinds of books on a tremendous variety of  topics.  Amazon delivers to your home! This little Tinyville bookstore doesn’t stand a chance… or does it?

It’s true, Tinyville is a small fish in the sea. And it’s also true that Amazon is a whale in that sea. They can’t compete against a big whale like Amazon.  But they can move to a smaller pond..  A pond that doesn’t have the room for a whale.

To compete, narrow the nich to a small pond

They need to narrow their niche to cater to the needs of their unique community.  This will put them in a small pond, where whales cannot go.

Among other things, they can create a blog specific to their community. They know their community far better than the best corporate experts of their giant competitors.

 Tinyville’s trends and interests

Now it so happens that 25% of the working people in our imaginary town of Tinyville own sheep farms.  And another 50% work on these farms.  There are many townspeople who are quite skilled in crafts that use wool produced in Tinyville. Tourists love to visit to buy the quaint wool products that are handmade in Tinyville.

The Tinyville bookstore’s small pond

There’s the niche!  There's the small pond!! The Tinyville Bookstore decides to create a blog called  “The Woolworkers of Tinyville”.  The blog contains interviews of the town’s craftsmen and craftswomen.  Also different tourists are interviewed. They have “how to videos” on needle felting. They also have a Youtube channel and a Facebook page.  All based on this special interest of Tinyville.

So Amazon continues to sell the large variety of books and successfully rake in millions! People in Tinyville still order their new books from Amazon. But, when it comes to wool-craftsmanship, and anything having to do with that trade or hobby, the Tinytown book shop is THE PLACE TO GO .  They have every book you can imagine on the subject.  Every tourist that comes to Tinyville will visit this book shop. In fact, the Tinyville Bookshop is now a highlight of the tour.

Creating a Blog pertaining to “Niche interests” of the local community

Of course, this is just an illustration.. ( I don’t know if there even is a Tinyville in the US ).  But it’s just to make a point.  Finding a community niche market and blogging in that niche is a way for even a small mom and pop shop to successfully remain the Big Fish in their community.  And to successfully compete with the largest of competitors.

When a small business has to compete against the large, using a niche blog can help level the playing field.